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About Us

We are Clare Rivard, Dominic Rivard, and Gabrielle Pope. We met in the craft cider and wine industry with a shared passion for making the best fermented beverages, including non-alcoholic options such as kombucha. With Dr. Kombu, we’ve taken kombucha on full time, with exciting new non-alcoholic beverages to follow. With our brewery located in Windsor, NS, we are committed to producing quality, great tasting, local products for all to enjoy.


Our Sales Manager is the unparalleled pun-mistress Tracy Butcher. Based in the Halifax Regional Municipality, you can find Tracy visiting our valued retailers, representing us at events, and bringing her unique voice to our social media.


Dr. Kombu’s roots are spread across and beyond the South Shore, Dartmouth, and the Annapolis Valley. You’ll see our faces all over the place at events, markets, and visiting our retailers. Our kombuchery in Windsor is not open to the public, however just shoot us an email at info@drkombu.ca and we will figure out how to hook you up.


For teachers and school administration, please get in touch with Clare and Gabrielle at info@drkombu.ca if you are interested in a school workshop. See an example.

Our kombucha is available across the East Coast.

Click here to find out where to find us.